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How Can Selling Custom Doors and Trim Be Such a Fulfilling Sales Job?

We’ll tell you how.

In the world of sales, it’s easy to feel unfulfilled at times – especially when you just aren’t seeing results.

You can be the most passionate and driven salesperson and still experience discouraging pitfalls (that may seem to last forever). While this is unfortunately a common occurrence in sales jobs, there are certain industries – like selling custom doors and trim at Riverside – that can provide more exciting incentives and a better overall work experience in sales.

With that being said, let’s talk about the 3 key reasons why selling custom doors and trim can be a fulfilling and exciting sales job:

1. You get to play a role in helping your clients create their dream home.

Selling doors and trim means your job is to help your clients make the right choice with their design project. Your clients will have an idea of what they want for their new custom door, or may even need a lot of your help to make their decision. Once you become familiar with the different styles of doors offered to homeowners, you’ll have all the freedom to bring your expertise to the table to ultimately help your clients make the best decision possible for their home. And this is a great feeling – especially when your client falls in love with the custom door you helped them decide on!

2. You get to work with cool, likeminded people

As you probably know, working with great people can make your overall work experience that much more enjoyable. People who sell custom doors and trim are more on the creative side, and are passionate about home design. At Riverside, our sales teams of motivated, positive and friendly individuals are always a pleasure to be around, and can inspire you to do better, as well! Besides, who doesn’t like a little healthy competition?

3. You’ll have the opportunity to earn as much as you strive to earn.

What’s more motivating than a nice commission cheque? Selling custom doors and trim (at Riverside) gives our salespeople the opportunity to earn as much as they’re determined to. Also, because custom doors and trim are sold at a greater price point with the option of up-selling with add-ons and additional features, your commission cheque has the potential to be even greater!

Ready to start selling custom doors and trim? Riverside Millwork is the place to be.

Riverside Millwork is looking for motivated salespeople to join the team! Does that sound like you? Contact us today to inquire. We’d love to hear from you.

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