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A Day in the Life at Riverside: Here’s how we KNOCK It Out of the Park

What exactly goes down on the sales floor

At Riverside, every day is a new adventure. That’s because every unique customer and home presents us with a new challenge to create a door that perfectly fits that personality.

So for those who are curious, we’re going to tell you about (in a little more detail) what kind of things go on during an average day at Riverside – although no day is just average. ;)

We get to meet some friendly people

Our customers are some of the friendliest people on the planet. This is probably because our customers are already in a good mindset and are excited to make an improvement to their home. They know they’ve come to the right place and are often pleasures to work with… making the workplace a pleasant place to be.

We get to be experts in home design.

Deciding on the right custom door is usually a fun and exciting process for a homeowner, and our staff members get to be a part of that decision. Customers will often bring in a photo depicting the style of door they want created, which is very helpful. We’ll then discuss with them potential materials and styles, as well as function options in order to guide them to their perfect choice.

We experience some challenges.

Sometimes our team members will face a challenge, such as a customer having a goal that doesn’t align with their budget – but there will always be ways to work around these issues. Every challenge we face is an opportunity to sharpen our skills and be even more prepared the next time one arises (and, some challenges will even result in a little more moolah in our pockets).

We enjoy a nice break.

Riverside strongly believes in the power of a good break! All of our employees deserve a full break where they can do whatever they choose. This way, when we come back to work, we’ll be fully refreshed and ready to do what we do best: sell custom doors!

Interested in experiencing what it’s like to work at Riverside for yourself?

Riverside Millwork is a company that wants to make sure our employees succeed – and right now, we’re looking for motivated salespeople to join the team! Does that sound like you? Contact us today to inquire. We’d love to hear from you.

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